Brand Building

Create Brand Identity
Brand Asset Development

Finding Retail Spaces in United Arab Emirates

Multi-brand Distribution (department stores, retail chains)
Stand-alone Boutiques, Kiosks & Corners

Identifying, qualifying and signing Partners,

Franchisees or Distributors in countries of the GCC and Near-East countries

Brand Building:

› Create Brand Identity

    • Retail Concept
    • Logo
    • Packaging

› Brand Asset Development

    • Brand Profile Catalogue
    • Look Book / Linesheets Product Catalogue
    • Social Media Assets

Brand and Retail Operations Management:

Direction and strategy of the brand development:

› Monitoring of sales budgets and sell-out

› Monitoring of sales budgets and sell-out
– Identify the best-sellers / slow-movers
– Analysis of Sales Index and Average Basket
– Promote up-selling and cross-selling
› Follow-up on orders
› inventory micro-management
› Mystery shopper to assess the sales team (greetings, presentation of the product line, conclude the sales, up-selling, cross selling, sales index and after sales service recommendation)
› Price Positioning
› Merchandising
› Brand / Product / Customer Service Training
› Frequent Market Visits

Brand owner

RTL Catch Fashion LLC is the owner of Jules & Juliette Paris.

Jules & Juliette Paris  is a French brand created in 2013 in South of France, dedicated to babies and children from New Born to 10 years old.

Core lines are:

  • Baby Collection (Essentials), Petit Jul’s, 100% organic cotton made in Portugal
  • Capsule Fashion Collection: our styles are simple and elegant.

Jules & Juliette’s collections are comfortable and refined. Noble materials, linen, cotton and Liberty style are carefully chosen to create a chic and timeless style.

All fabrics are coming from Europe: Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

Jules & Juliette’s signature is attention to detail and finishing, far from industrialized collections.